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GO Duster

GO Duster Pakistan

With Go Duster Pakistan Now dusting is faster, easier, and more
fun than you’ve ever imagined. Go Duster spins dust bunnies away
in no time so you don’t waste valuable time and energy on
dusting! Go Duster is motorized and automatically
does the work for you with just the push of a button.
Go Duster is powerful, yet gentle enough to use on even your finest
collectibles. Plus, it slides easily into every nook and cranny for
easy dusting. Dust lampshades, picture frames, wood furniture and more.
It’s so fast and easy to dust that even children WILL love using the
Go Duster. And when you’re done, just rinse the brush under a faucet
and let dry to use again.


Battery-operated, no wires
Rotating brush picks up dust in a fraction of the time of ordinary dusting
Does the work for you
Powerful, yet gentle
Slides in tight spaces and corners
Ergonomic handle for supreme comfort

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